Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ohhh yesssssss...

Well the Irish are 2-0. Having beaten a then 22 ranked Pittsburgh team and , within the last hour, a 3rd ranked Michigan team in their home stadium. ND last won at Michigan in 1993 when I was a senior and later went on to contended for the National title. The first half of the today's game was basically the Irish continuing the same offensive plan as they had against Pittsburgh. The second half was us sitting on the ball for the most part, playing pro-style keep away. While I am none to pleased with the second half, that first half against a top 3 team was pretty good. I am liking what I am seeing from this team but they have a loooonnnggg way to go. I fear we may have lost Rhema McKnight in this game with what looked like a pretty bad knee injury. While he is typically not the X or Y receiver he has an uncanny ability to pop-up in the middle, open and with soft hands. Next up? Michigan State at home. No team is a push over, especially when they are playing Notre Dame. Michigan State will be ready to take on the Irish.

On other notes, Meghan wore her ND Cheerleader outfit to the Gamewatch we attended today to see the game. Very cute! Alex and I wore our ND football jerseys.

As I may have mentioned before Alex is a Tiger Cub Scout now and I have to work on teaching the Den cheers and chants at the next meeting which is Monday.

Lynn is back from India and has finally gotten used to the local time zone. While she did not get sick with 'Delhi Belly' she did catch a slight cold the day she returned which she is nearly over now. Check the link to see pictures.

Meghan has gone for 3 days without any accidents in her quest to master potty training. This is barring any overnight accidents which will be taught later. While this will decrease the amount we spend on Pull-Ups, the number of times we go to the bathroom with her has increased 10 fold.

Alex is doing VERY well at Kimberlin Academy and has the progress report to prove it. His reading ability is growing every day and sometimes he surprises me with the words he can read. Initially, subtraction presented some small difficulties for him but after a couple of weeks he is starting to get it.

Soccer season starts in a couple of weeks for Alex and I will be a referee again for the games. This year,however, the quarters are longer and the kids play positions.

All for now.
Go Irish! Beat Spartans!


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