Thursday, February 10, 2005

Arranged Marriage

Today I read of Prince Charles' decision to marry Camilla Parker Bowles. This is of particular interest to me, because my best friend, Pam, is one of Princess Diana's biggest fans. I learned more about Diana in my first year of living with Pam, than I ever really thought I could know.

I find it interesting that we live in the 21st century, and arranged marriage is still preferred for some "classes". I doubt I'll ever really like Camilla and Charles, but I will say they seem a much more natural match than Diana and Charles ever did. They are closer in age. They are closer in looks, quite frankly.

Even though, in America, you don't normally see parents choosing spouses for their children anymore, you do still see the "stigma" of loving someone your family/parents/society may not expect.

I have been very blessed in my marriage. Lorenzo and I met and fell in love and there wasn't anyone who tried to stop us. I still believe that is partially because I would have ignored any advice that was contrary to my own desires (I am stubborn like that), but I also believe it is because people saw the love that Lorenzo and I feel for each other. I wish that all couples got that benefit of the doubt.

Marriage is a work in progress. There are times, when the romance simmers, (I refuse to believe it actually dies), that you make not want to spend time with your spouse. There are moments, you may not like them very much at all. AND, if you had to deal with that, on top of not loving that person in the first place, how can you really expect that marriage to be solid or to last the test of time?

There are some who say that the passion you feel in love fades. Arranged marriage works because you know it's not ever based upon passion. What a sad state!

There are times when the memory of that first kiss Lorenzo gave me (and it was a doozy) puts a smile on my face that lasts for hours. There are times when the feeling of him stroking my hair makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. There are times, when I see him teaching Alex math or giving Meghan a bath, that I could explode with love for him.

I refuse to believe that emotion like that comes with arranged marriage.

Charles and Camilla, good luck to you. I hope your marriage gives you happiness.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Of twins, trips and shopping..

I have recently returned from Louisville, KY for the Baptism of my goddaughter Kaitlyn Squyres. Jeff, her dad, is the godfather to my son, Alex. A very nice time indeed. A lot of the Squyres clan was in town for the occasion, naturally, and everyone had a good time. Tracy's mother (Jeff's mother-in-law) is quite a cook and made some great meals. The twins were actually very behaved during the ceremony and did not cry once. A large feat since they are getting over colic. It was really fun to be a part of this occasion and nice to have a trip but I did miss my kids. I got to carry Kaitlyn in her baby pouch holder thingy for a while and even gave her medicine. She is still trying to sit up and has a field day gnawing your fingers if you let her. Quite the cute little button but then again I am her godfather.

This is Kaitlyn and me :) Posted by Hello

The week so far has been pretty hectic as my team has effectively lost two of its members in the last month. This means the same amount of trouble tickets for less people. Thus I am working harder. This is not a bad thing as it makes the days go by but it can be stressful as you are talking to one person, updating a ticket , and IMing with your boss all at the same time. But hey, they pay me well.

As part of this team member loss, my team lead Emel asked me to see if I knew anyone who may be able to join my team. I called an old friend, John Rhea recently and we caught up on the phone. Seems he is still in the SAP Basis Administrator business but actually heads his own team now. I doubt he would leave his job for what we have to offer. The pay is pretty equal but to leave a job as part of a demotion does not make sense. I hope he will but even my team lead says this is probably not going to happen since John wants to work from home in Arkansas as part of a possible move. Its a long shot. For now we just get to deal with the tickets and the higher work load.

Last night Lynn and I went to Victoria's Secret for a ' special shopping event'. Lol. We actually got an invitation to go to the VS store at Northpark. You actually had to call a number and make a reservation. Its actually a good marketing tool. There were nice hors d'vours there including chocolate covered strawberries. Lynn got a make over and some lingerie but what kinda made the night was I was out with my wife on a week night. We have Lynn's mother to thank for that. Since she is now a Dallas resident she just came over and watched the kids for us while we went out. It was nice since Lynn and I went to that McCormick's(sp?) restaurant at Northpark and ate in the bar area. We got to meet James the chef and we chatted about seafood etc. We had crab bisque and I had a salmon club while Lynn had sushi. I was actually able to have St. Arnolds beer since they have it on tap at the restaurant. This is a brewery I have actually visited while in Houston staffed on a job. And not only that, the Notre Dame Men's basketball team beat undefeated and number 4 ranked, Boston College, heretofore known as Fredo College. The defeat was even better since they were being covered by every major sports media outlet in the nation since they were one of two teams left without a loss. Ahh sweet victory and a great night.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Managing Schedules

You may or may not know that I got promoted in January. I am very excited about my new opportunity, but I must admit it's tough to adjust to the new pace. As many of you know, Lorenzo and I both work. We have two children and now, two Grandmas in the local area. Who could ask for more?

With my new role, I have on average one or two business trips per month. Some require over-night stays and others require a 3:30 start to make the 6:00 am flights. In cases like these, Lorenzo has to manage drop off and pick up of the kids. In the event his work schedule doesn't allow that, we ask for Grandma services. Usually, that causes no immediate issues. However, there are times that is a challenge.

What I find most challenging is the on-going coordination of schedules. At work, I have a secretary to help me coordinate my business schedule with my colleagues or customers. At home, there is no secretary. Lorenzo and I spent over an hour on Sunday morning trying to get on the same page. It seems a little excessive, but with Lorenzo's need for time, planning and structure, we really are better off with the time dedicated.

I would love to find a gadget (b/c Lorenzo likes those) to help us coordinate total schedules (mine, his and Grandmas'). I have found the email trail, though easy to initiate, get's forgotten by some parties sometimes. One Grandma still uses the paper checkbook size calendars to manage her schedule, one grandma doesn't have a system, and Lorenzo depends on me to keep him straight.

There must be a better way. If you have any ideas, I am definitely open