Thursday, February 10, 2005

Arranged Marriage

Today I read of Prince Charles' decision to marry Camilla Parker Bowles. This is of particular interest to me, because my best friend, Pam, is one of Princess Diana's biggest fans. I learned more about Diana in my first year of living with Pam, than I ever really thought I could know.

I find it interesting that we live in the 21st century, and arranged marriage is still preferred for some "classes". I doubt I'll ever really like Camilla and Charles, but I will say they seem a much more natural match than Diana and Charles ever did. They are closer in age. They are closer in looks, quite frankly.

Even though, in America, you don't normally see parents choosing spouses for their children anymore, you do still see the "stigma" of loving someone your family/parents/society may not expect.

I have been very blessed in my marriage. Lorenzo and I met and fell in love and there wasn't anyone who tried to stop us. I still believe that is partially because I would have ignored any advice that was contrary to my own desires (I am stubborn like that), but I also believe it is because people saw the love that Lorenzo and I feel for each other. I wish that all couples got that benefit of the doubt.

Marriage is a work in progress. There are times, when the romance simmers, (I refuse to believe it actually dies), that you make not want to spend time with your spouse. There are moments, you may not like them very much at all. AND, if you had to deal with that, on top of not loving that person in the first place, how can you really expect that marriage to be solid or to last the test of time?

There are some who say that the passion you feel in love fades. Arranged marriage works because you know it's not ever based upon passion. What a sad state!

There are times when the memory of that first kiss Lorenzo gave me (and it was a doozy) puts a smile on my face that lasts for hours. There are times when the feeling of him stroking my hair makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. There are times, when I see him teaching Alex math or giving Meghan a bath, that I could explode with love for him.

I refuse to believe that emotion like that comes with arranged marriage.

Charles and Camilla, good luck to you. I hope your marriage gives you happiness.

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