Saturday, November 26, 2005

Alex is 7

Happy Holidays!

Well, it's the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, and I am watching the Irish without their best effort. Lorenzo could definitely be in a better mood, but those of you who know him, know that's pretty normal.

Alex had a great 7th birthday. Tom was tender, the desserts were fantastic and with so many blessings, I certainly can't complain about this wonderful holiday. Alex got a Gameboy, a Julius Jones Cowboy's jersey and a new watch. He also got money, and is planning to buy a Gameboy game with his fat wallet.

I took some extra time off work last week and got to see Alex perform a Thanksgiving show at school. There is nothing more cute than seeing a group of 1st graders singing Super Turkey! We had a great day together.

Wednesday, Alex and I saw Chicken Little and had lunch with Susanna. It was another nice day together. Thursday, my mom was over early, and she helped me prepare the meal. The kids had a great day. Unfortunately for Alex, the Cowboys lost, but overall it was a great day.

Friday, we took it easy and decorated for the season. Alex helped me decorate the tree and outside. We were the first ones on our block with our outside lights up. It looks good!

Today, we started with some shopping at Northpark. So far, we have finished about 1/4 of our shopping. I am quite glad to be getting some out of the way!

Tomorrow, we don't have big plans. It will be nice to have an easy day. I am actually ready to head back to work now. Who would have thought?!?

With most of my travels drawing to a close, I am finally able to enjoy some time with the family. It'll be nice to come home to the family most evenings, again.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Winter FINALLY Comes to Dallas

Good Morning All! I hope this finds you well.

When I drove into the office this morning, the skies were gray and foreboding. According to the weather man, we reached our high for the day this morning. We have a risk of freeze overnight and winter is finally here.

I have watched as my crepe myrtles dropped their leaves in the past few weeks. I was surprised, since the temperature has consistently been in the 70's or warmer. I have been wondering if we would ever see some cooler weather. Had it not been for my trips north this fall, I wouldn't have had a reason to wear a sweatshirt yet!

It's a week until Thanksgiving and I am very excited and ready for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is my favorite of all holidays. I know it seems weird for me to choose that one instead of Christmas, but truly Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for all. I enjoy it as the beginning. I enjoy the meal with my entire family. I enjoy every aspect of the day from preparation of Tom the Turkey to the nap I tend to fall into during the Cowboy's game.

This year Thanksgiving will be even more special as it falls on Alex's 7th birthday. I can't believe it was 7 years ago that I was stomping around VERY PREGNANT and ready to have that baby. He has grown so much!

He brought home his second report card of first grade last week and again, had made the A honor roll. I am very proud of him, of course. His reading is improving and he has been a god send to Lorenzo in my recent travels, helping out wherever necessary. I think he knows Santa is watching, but I'll take the help wherever I can get it!

Meghan well, she is just two. She is very, VERY stubborn sometimes, but others as sweet as a chocolate cake. This weekend was my first weekend to spend with her in 3 weeks. I enjoyed every moment! Even the stubborn ones. She is talking more and more. She repeats Alex as he practices his spelling words. She loves Maggie and demands a doggie kiss every night. She snuggles better than anyone I know, and this weekend I painted her fingers and toes. Yes, we had homemade pedicures together.

Lorenzo has been busy preparing for the Trombone performances for the holiday season. I believe his group has 4 or 5 appearances scheduled throughout December, but he can only make two. I know he is really enjoying the music and rigor of playing again.

My mom and I are heading to North Carolina this weekend to meet my brother Mike's fiance's family. Tracy is a wonderful young woman and I am sure her family will be just as great. It's been almost 3 years since I have seen my sister, her family and my father. I am looking forward to seeing them, but also a little nervous. I know family is family, but I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. It's always a little scary to see people you love, but know they haven't seen how you may have changed. I am sure it will be fine and a wonderful weekend for all of us!

Pam's wedding! Well, it happened. It was beautiful. It is kind of a blur for me. I can honestly say the reception was AWESOME. I got to visit with friends and parts of Pam's family that I now consider part of my own. It was a truly wonderful day!

Well, with work to do, I must go. Take care!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

9 Nights Away From Home

The big trip I am on (and I mean long when I say big) is one I have known about for months. I left Dallas on Friday Oct 28th after work. I made the 4 hour trek to Houston for the continuation of wedding festivities in anticipation of Pam’s big day.

The drive to Houston was uneventful, thank heavens. Pam and I had dinner at Momung’s (sp) and planned our very full weekend schedule.

Saturday we had a lot to do. We needed to pick up the wedding bands, some fancy pages for the tables at the wedding and the ingredients for the favors at the wedding. Pam had a very specific idea about how the favors would look on the tables and we needed to get started.

Unfortunately, our most of our volunteer force, which were to help us dip 150 Oreos in chocolate, wrap them and tag them, couldn’t be there to help. Luckily, Pam, her cousin, Mrs. Tyner and I get along well and got straight to work. It was a busy afternoon, both Saturday and Sunday, but we got them all dipped, dried, packaged and tagged without killing each other or coming to blows. I am very proud of how we worked together on that project. Plus there was the added benefit of teasing Pam as much as possible throughout the day.

Saturday night was Pam’s Bachelorette Party. We had so much fun. There were 7 of us ladies (+ Natalie, Cathi’s daughter). We started at Pam’s with a champagne toast and “dressing Pam”. We headed to dinner at Farrago’s in mid-town Houston and then took the train to downtown and hit a bar. It was a very fun evening and to protect the innocent, I’ll omit any explicit details. Suffice it to say, we had a great time.

Sunday, was another day dedicated to the favors. Exhausted, Sunday night, I was very glad I was traveling on Monday. I hoped for some rest.

HA. Monday brought weather to Texas. Weather means flight delays. So, my 9:30 flight out of Houston landed in Dallas at 1pm. (That should have landed at 10:30) I missed my connection to LaGuardia and was put on the 4pm flight. When we pulled back from the gate, we were number 47 in line for take off. I landed in NY at 10:30 that night and got to my hotel about 11:30. What a long day!

Snakes and Parrots in NYC

Have you ever walked around Times Square at 10pm on a Tuesday night? I can personally guarantee that there are more people there at that time, than I have seen in downtown Dallas at any given time.

Last night I got the opportunity to visit NYC for the first time. This year I have been to New York about 5 times, BUT I have always headed to our Rye Brook office and stayed in that area alone.

Last night, a group from the conference I am attending, decided to head to the city. I couldn’t miss it.

We took the train in from the White Plains station and stopped at Grand Central Station. We walked around and went to the arch where you can speak into one corner and hear the comment on the other side. It worked. That was way cool. Have you ever been? What a beautiful building! Train stations today would never look like that.

Kraig who lived in the city a few years back was our tour guide for the evening. We headed to Harlem on the subway to have dinner at a diner near his old stomping ground.

After dinner, we took the subway to Times Square. It was lit up and very bright even though it was 10pm. Those who know me are probably surprised I was out that late, but I can tell you the energy of the city is electric.

While walking around Times Square, I literally saw a man with a large parrot on one shoulder and one very large snake in each hand. He was walking around among the crowds. I AM SO GLAD HE DIDN’T COME CLOSE TO ME. It was too freaky for me. What great people watching!

Did you see the Today Show on Tuesday morning? Katie Couric was on top of Rockefeller Center with the Rockette’s, because it was the first day you could go to the top in 20 years. Of course, we needed to see it. The experience was very cool and well worth the $14. It was a clear and beautiful night. I was most enraptured by the Empire State Building. It was so beautiful.

Finally, we grabbed the subway back to Grand Central and the train back to White Plains. I got back to my hotel about 1:30. It was a late night for me but well worth it.

I must get back to NYC to spend a little more time looking around. It was a great evening.