Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Celebration and Sedation

Today is the first day of the Irish's next season. Happy 2006 to you all!

The holidays were wonderful for Clan Martinez. We had a visit from Santa that brought the kids' bicycles. We had a visit from the California Grandparents that brought the kids laughter and much needed day care during the Christmas break. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve where we welcomed my mom into the Davis Family Tradition of Pizza and Tamales. Christmas brought gifts, laughter and happiness. In a year that brought sorrow and difficulty to many, I am very happy to say that 2005 was a great year for our family and I was a little sad to see it draw to an end.

Some key celebrations in 2005 included:
  • Judi's move to Dallas
  • My brother Mike's engagement to a great lady, Tracy
  • Carly, my sister's daughter was born
  • Lynn's promotion
  • Alex's acceptance into the Gift and Talented Program
  • My friend Pam's long awaited wedding
  • The Redskins beating the Cowboys, twice

Some key sedations in 2005 were:
  • The horror of Katrina, with friends who have family who lost their homes
  • The earthquake in Pakistan, with new found friends who lost some family
  • Medical scares for family and friends
  • The continued "leadership" of our president
  • The Irish loss to USC
  • The Cowboys loss to Redskins, twice (Alex was very un-happy)

Overall, 2005 was definitely filled with more blessings than sorrows for our family. But, in the spirit of Irish fans who just won't die, I must share a few conversations from last night.

First, Alex was very upset by the loss. He was crying by the end of the game. I turned off the TV and turned on my best "mom" voice and said, "Alex, it's only a game. It'll be ok." (Of course, inside I too, was upset, but he didn't need to know that.)

I reminded him it was time for bed and we headed upstairs. Still sniffling, he said, "I really hate Ohio State, Mom."

Understanding his sentiment completely, I said, "You don't have to like them honey. It's just a team."

I reached for his Leprechaun and handed it to Alex. As it began to play The Fight Song, I suggested he go to sleep and dream of playing for The Irish and beating Ohio State. With a weak smile, he said, "Good night, Mom. I love you."

Later, I found Lorenzo in his office. He wasn't crying, but he was annoyed by the outcome. "They're calling for Minter's head. He's the guy who let BC beat us, you know."

"Lorenzo, it's just a game. Alex was crying. He said he hates Ohio State. At least he won't ever want to go there."

"How long has it been since we've won a bowl game honey? 10, no 12 years?!?"

"The last time they won you were a student, Lorenzo. I have an idea, why don't you apply to be a student again? We'll pack up here and move to South Bend. What do you think?"

"Yeah, I'll call my boss right now," he said in pure jest.

"Actually, you know, they haven't won a bowl game since we've known each other," I told him. "Maybe it's us."

So, my dear readers, please let us know how you think we can best break this streak. Should we move to South Bend or break up? I vote for the move!!!

****Please note, this poll is purely in jest!

Monday, December 19, 2005

$425 Seat, and That’s the Cheap One

So every once and a while, life at the office has it's perks. Last year when I moved to the big cube with a door (but no roof or real privacy) I thought I was moving up in the world. It seemed that my promotion was the beginning to real executive perks.

A year later, I must admit those perks have been few and far between. I still make coffee at least once every day and I still had to coordinate the Thanksgiving Pot Luck, because the SVP looked at the lone woman in the room to do it.

However, redemption or at least acceptance has recently come my way!

Last week, after a very long day, I went back to my cube with a door to pack up and head home. My boss stopped me and asked me if I'd like to go to the Mav's game.

I know, everyone knows I am not the biggest of basketball fans. The last pro game I saw was in Chicago when MJ still played. (Also corporate seats, by the way.) Anyway, after the day, I really wanted to relax with a beer. My boss is cool, so I accepted the offer.

Luckily, Lorenzo was ok with my decision, so with a quick call home we headed downtown.

Kevin and I were joined by two VP's from our department. Rob and Craig have worked together for over 15 years. They are often called Frick & Frack, but many would think of them as a married couple chiding and teasing each other through the evening.

We were to meet 3 other VP's and a SVP at the game. Apparently Cadbury has a suite, but it's not one I was expecting. It's referred to as "The Bunker". People with court-side seats have to have court-side access right?

So, we arrived at the AA Center and took the elevator down to the court area. We walked through the underbelly of the AA Center, passing employees, security and a few players' wives too.

We didn't make it to the right place before tip-off, so we headed to our seats instead. Imagine my surprise to be seated courtside. For those who watch basketball, please pardon my naive descriptions.

On each side of the court, there is usually a long table. Sportscasters usually sit at these tables, and the players go to them to "check-in" to the game. My seat was at that table!

I called Lorenzo because the Phoenix coach was standing right in front of me so there was a good chance I would be on TV. He asked if I was sitting beside Kevin. Kevin has rather recognizable fluffy hair, so I wasn't surprised that Lorenzo might see it. Apparently I was rather blocked by the Phoenix coach, but hey the sentiment is there!

At half time we headed to our bunker. It was a nice suite with 4 TV's, a full bar, and plenty of food. There were even chocolate covered strawberries. I enjoyed them fully.

Apparently, the Dr Pepper suite is very popular because of it's proximity to the floor. Don Nelson, the former Maverick's coach came to use our bathroom twice in the second half. Besides that, two of the ESPN commentators also used our bathroom. The older gentlemen apologized for cutting in front of me. He said he had to get back to the floor.

As the second half started, we traded our "table seats" for the $425 seats that the other Cadbury guests were using. I don't know when a $425 seat became cheap, but that's what they called them. So after another beverage, we headed to our cheap seats and watched the rest of the game. Our seats were behind Mark Cuban's wife.

The game ended and we hit the bunker one last time before heading home. I got to shake hands with Cuban, Nelson and Novitsky on the way out of the AA Center. It was definitely a memorable experience.

For those who care. The Maverick's did win. It was not really close, as the Suns scored first, and that was the only time they led during the game.