Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Winter FINALLY Comes to Dallas

Good Morning All! I hope this finds you well.

When I drove into the office this morning, the skies were gray and foreboding. According to the weather man, we reached our high for the day this morning. We have a risk of freeze overnight and winter is finally here.

I have watched as my crepe myrtles dropped their leaves in the past few weeks. I was surprised, since the temperature has consistently been in the 70's or warmer. I have been wondering if we would ever see some cooler weather. Had it not been for my trips north this fall, I wouldn't have had a reason to wear a sweatshirt yet!

It's a week until Thanksgiving and I am very excited and ready for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is my favorite of all holidays. I know it seems weird for me to choose that one instead of Christmas, but truly Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for all. I enjoy it as the beginning. I enjoy the meal with my entire family. I enjoy every aspect of the day from preparation of Tom the Turkey to the nap I tend to fall into during the Cowboy's game.

This year Thanksgiving will be even more special as it falls on Alex's 7th birthday. I can't believe it was 7 years ago that I was stomping around VERY PREGNANT and ready to have that baby. He has grown so much!

He brought home his second report card of first grade last week and again, had made the A honor roll. I am very proud of him, of course. His reading is improving and he has been a god send to Lorenzo in my recent travels, helping out wherever necessary. I think he knows Santa is watching, but I'll take the help wherever I can get it!

Meghan well, she is just two. She is very, VERY stubborn sometimes, but others as sweet as a chocolate cake. This weekend was my first weekend to spend with her in 3 weeks. I enjoyed every moment! Even the stubborn ones. She is talking more and more. She repeats Alex as he practices his spelling words. She loves Maggie and demands a doggie kiss every night. She snuggles better than anyone I know, and this weekend I painted her fingers and toes. Yes, we had homemade pedicures together.

Lorenzo has been busy preparing for the Trombone performances for the holiday season. I believe his group has 4 or 5 appearances scheduled throughout December, but he can only make two. I know he is really enjoying the music and rigor of playing again.

My mom and I are heading to North Carolina this weekend to meet my brother Mike's fiance's family. Tracy is a wonderful young woman and I am sure her family will be just as great. It's been almost 3 years since I have seen my sister, her family and my father. I am looking forward to seeing them, but also a little nervous. I know family is family, but I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. It's always a little scary to see people you love, but know they haven't seen how you may have changed. I am sure it will be fine and a wonderful weekend for all of us!

Pam's wedding! Well, it happened. It was beautiful. It is kind of a blur for me. I can honestly say the reception was AWESOME. I got to visit with friends and parts of Pam's family that I now consider part of my own. It was a truly wonderful day!

Well, with work to do, I must go. Take care!

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