Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Managing Schedules

You may or may not know that I got promoted in January. I am very excited about my new opportunity, but I must admit it's tough to adjust to the new pace. As many of you know, Lorenzo and I both work. We have two children and now, two Grandmas in the local area. Who could ask for more?

With my new role, I have on average one or two business trips per month. Some require over-night stays and others require a 3:30 start to make the 6:00 am flights. In cases like these, Lorenzo has to manage drop off and pick up of the kids. In the event his work schedule doesn't allow that, we ask for Grandma services. Usually, that causes no immediate issues. However, there are times that is a challenge.

What I find most challenging is the on-going coordination of schedules. At work, I have a secretary to help me coordinate my business schedule with my colleagues or customers. At home, there is no secretary. Lorenzo and I spent over an hour on Sunday morning trying to get on the same page. It seems a little excessive, but with Lorenzo's need for time, planning and structure, we really are better off with the time dedicated.

I would love to find a gadget (b/c Lorenzo likes those) to help us coordinate total schedules (mine, his and Grandmas'). I have found the email trail, though easy to initiate, get's forgotten by some parties sometimes. One Grandma still uses the paper checkbook size calendars to manage her schedule, one grandma doesn't have a system, and Lorenzo depends on me to keep him straight.

There must be a better way. If you have any ideas, I am definitely open

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