Friday, September 02, 2005

And so it begins....

Its time again. Time for ND Football. I know I know, you are thinking, this guys is nuts. This is all he talks about, well, that and his trombone. Yea well, true, but its not just football, its Notre Dame Football. :)

As of this writing we are 1 day 8 hours from kickoff. Now a lot has been said on Charlie Weis and the hopes that he will bring back ND to the glory it once had on the national stage of collegiate football. In fact, the matchup between Pitt and ND puts two former NFL coaches against each other both with recent departures from the NFL and both having faced each other in NFL matches. Alot has been said about how Weis has altered the attitude of this ND team. Personally, I think that is the key to this season and not the win-loss record. I am pretty sure ND will not be in a BCS bowl this year. The competition is just too strong, and in reality a team can only afford one loss to get to that tier of a bowl. Thinking long-term, however, the attitude of the team and the attractiveness of the staff at ND is what will win over the future recruits. Winning the recruiting battle will be crucial to the upcoming years at ND. The wins will come, especially as Weis brings in his guys from the high school pool. The smart, athletic, nasty guys that get it done on the field. The guys that are prepared for every game, and not relying on mystique or legend to take the ball to the end zone. The guys that hit hard enough to make you see Elvis (the fat one). The guys that can celebrate in the end zone without looking like a Broadway dancer. The guys that will realize the tight-end is open in the middle since the Z-receiver dragged the MLB with him out of his zone.

On another note, the Haiku-Ninja has joined blogland and is posting what has become a new and unusual Notre Dame tradition. The football haiku. Please have a look and be entertained.


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