Monday, September 26, 2005

AHH Football Season - I love fall

It's been another great weekend for Fighting Irish fans. The Irish beat Washington and the Martinez household was happy again!

When you add my son's excitement about Dallas beating the 49er's yesterday, all is well. He didn't have such great weekend last week. Not only had the Irish lost a heartbreaker to the Spartans in overtime, but then the Redskins beat his Cowboys on Monday night.

I was actually smiling as I wrote that. You see, I am a born and bread Redskins fan. Living in Dallas, is of course, very hard for me. When you add that my in laws, my husband and my kids all cheer for the Cowboys...Let's just say the drought of the last ten years has been tough. Of course, I've have stayed loyal!

So, in the spirit of the game last week, Alex and I bet on the game. It was a big and important bet. If the Redskins won, Alex had to buy me a piece of candy. If the Cowboys had won, I was to buy him a piece of candy.

Yesterday, I got my candy. We were at Northpark mall and hit the Godiva store. Man, that Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was absolutely fantastic. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

Poor Alex, I know he's only six. But, he honored his bet like a man of character. And, his Cowboys won yesterday afternoon. I am very proud of him. He's a good kid.

Remember, Go Irish, Beat Boilermakers!

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