Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Forever, in a good way

Many of you may know that tomorrow is Lorenzo and my 9th wedding anniversary. Yes, 9 years ago, many of you were with us in South Bend with the snow and excitement of the wedding.

You may remember the rehearsal dinner at Bruno's. Man, that was good pizza.

Perhaps you remember that the organist forgot our wedding. She showed up, but a little bit later than planned.

Maybe you remember the beautiful snow over the rolling hills of the golf course out the windows of our reception hall.

Or, maybe like me, every detail is a cherished memory. Whether it's waking up that morning, and talking to my sister as I tried to style my very long hair or my mother's ice cold hands as she buttoned my dress; or, my soon to be mother in law coming in and snapping pictures of the preparations, so that I would have some pictures to keep. (I am a terrible photographer, because I never remember to take the pictures!) I remember my dad standing with me in the back of the church and saying, "Last chance to change your mind", as he prepared to give me away. I remember crying through the ceremony, but happy tears. I remember having my veil knocked off as Jeff hugged me. I remember shivering with my bridesmaids as we took pictures after the ceremony. I remember dancing with my whole family, old and new, and having to ride to the hotel in the "Nookie Wagon".

I really can't believe that we've been married 9 years, because it seems we've always been Lyn-ZO. It seems we've always had Alex and Meghan. It seems I've always had him to lean on, talk to and come home to.

Well, without the right person, marriage is more work than wonderful. With the right person, it's still a bit of work, but mostly wonderful. With Lorenzo, it's just as I hoped it would be. With Lorenzo marriage is part of what makes me the woman I am.

Happy Anniversary, Lorenzo.

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