Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today is August 3 and it's hot. Of course, the rest of the country is dealing with tremendous heat too. When I heard the Minneapolis was hotter at 5am than Dallas, (yes, I said a.m.) than I felt I shouldn't complain. I remember many people had no AC in their houses. Thank the good Lord we have AC!
However, today, the radio DJ announced that today is our 21st day of over 100 degree temperatures. The cold front that will cool most of the country isn't coming to Dallas. I feel license to complain.

Alex has just over two weeks until he starts the second grade. I can't believe how quickly the summer has passed. Of course, I am looking forward to school starting for a few reasons. Number 1: It means fall is closer
Number 2: It means FOOTBALL is closer
Number 3: Our schedules get normal again

Alex, of course, like any kid, isn't looking forward to school as much, but I think that will change when it starts.

Meghan is doing well, except for a recent case of extreme stubbornness. I am blaming the heat instead of her similarity to her mother of course. I have noticed that she likes to go where-ever I go, lately. For example, whenever we run out of something like dog food or paper towels, she'll say "We can get more at the grocery store. I'll go with you." It's really cute. I know she won't want to go to the grocery store forever. Alex has definitely gotten past the fun of the grocery store and would much rather ride his bike, if given the option. I guess they do grow up!

Lorenzo and I hosted a great BBQ this past weekend. We had many friends attend and a few who couldn't make it. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I am so glad we have a nice big kitchen. With the heat of the day, a smaller kitchen might not have fit all of our guests. It worked out nicely.

That's about all I have. I hope some cooler weather finds you soon!

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