Friday, April 21, 2006

Barcelona and Other Events

I have been gently reminded that we haven't blogged in while.

It's been a busy spring with soccer, travel, trombone events, piano recitals and school events.

Last night Meghan performed in the Blue Ivey Spring recital. She and her class wore yellow and had yellow duck hats. Meghan had been singing her songs and performing her routine around the house continuously in the past week, so I was pretty sure she would steal the show. Instead, she reacted the same as Alex to his first show. Meghan stood up on stage with her class with her hands folded in front of her. As they sang and performed, she smiled nervously and stared at the audience. Regardless of her fear, she eventually sang a little and even moved. We were all so proud of her performance.

Last week, Alex had his first piano recital. He played Three Little Pigs and Lambs at School. He did a great job as always.

Lorenzo performed with some of his Trombone buddies at a Lutheran Church last Friday night for Holy Week services. It was a cantata. For those, who like me, don't know what that is, it's when there is a choir and group of musicians join together to perform. Yes, I recognize that's not a technical definition, and I am sure Lorenzo will happily correct me for those interested.

Alex has his last soccer game of the spring season tomorrow at 3:30. His skills have continued to improve and it's really fun to watch. His team won a few more games than last season, so they enjoyed it more.

I have been in town for 2 weeks straight and am actually writing this blog from a Texas zip code today. Who knew?

Mom and I returned from Spain on April 7th and WOW! Barcelona is beautiful. I could live there and I did notice there is a Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Barcelona, so I smell opportunity. Or is that chocolate? Either way, I highly recommend visiting that city. The food, architecture, people and pace were wonderful.

You should make time to walk along the beach. There are nude ones so the people watching can be very intertaining! You should have Cava Sangria. You should see Sagrada Familia. You should slow down and enjoy the moment!

Walking the beach along the Med has been on my "Must do before I die list", so I am happy I have done one more!

We had a long layover in London. If you want to see pictures, shoot me an email and I'll send you some.

We are all well and miss you. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Jeff "I'm good for movie references" Squyres said...

Lorzeno was in the cantina?

I heard it got pretty messy when that cowboy Han Solo started shooting up the place. Where can you go for decent family entertainment these days?