Friday, October 14, 2005

Competing Allegiances

Oh, to be in South Bend this weekend. Lorenzo and I are really struggling with our obligations and our desires this week. All of you ND fans who can't be in South Bend are probably feeling the same. The kids are ready. Meghan has her ND t-shirt on today and her cheerleader outfit is ready for tomorrow. Alex has his jersey ready for tomorrow. Meghan has been practicing "Go Irish" and Alex is singing The Fight Song.

So, what's the problem, why aren't we there?

It's my fault. When Lorenzo and I put in for tickets this spring, I didn't want to go to SC. Yes, I was a skeptical believer in our ability to be ready. I am at fault.

In addition, we have a few personal commitments this weekend. Alex has soccer games. I am attending a few bridal showers and we're basically out of town the next 3 weekends. Reality, life beyond ND football has intervened.

I am sure some of you don't comprehend that statement. "Life beyond ND Football" may not compute. For my other friends, you're probably saying "Lynn and Lorenzo are finally joining reality". (Mica I mean you.) Say what you may. Think what you think. This reality is not easy for us.

ND football has been our Saturday religion for 13-15 years. It's a tough transition beyond it. BUT, we will be back.

AND, we will be in South Bend next week.


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