Monday, October 17, 2005


It's just not fair that the only 5 minutes of the Irish game that I saw were the most gut wrenching and ultimately heart breaking of all.

Then you add the continuous stream of "oh, it's too bad", "tough loss, Lynn", and "maybe next year" condolences I have received and it's like I can't forget Saturday.

I am proud of the Irish. They played well. We proved USC is not un-stoppable, just damn lucky this week.

Keeping the perspective, for me, helps. The past 3 years we have lost by 31 points. ND has not even been competitive in the second half during the last few years. This year, nail biter is the only word to describe the game. We looked good, period. I am very proud of our team for that.

Oh, if only ...

Lorenzo, Alex and I are heading up on Friday for the BYU game. I hope Charlie has the boys ready, because we need a home win.


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