Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dilbert Worthy

I am sure all readers who work in any corporate environment have had their share of Dilbert moments. I have to share my most recent one.

The department I work in is "semi" IT. I say that because my department manages a really big database and tends to know more about how it works than our actual IT department. In addition, we have more people in our team who fundamentally understand database structure than our IT department does. (Of course, that could be my misconception)

Anyway, one of my colleagues found and reported an issue in our database to our IT department. For this to make sense, you must understand that components of our database are viewable through an extranet site. In this instance, information that should be viewable on the extranet was not being shown. She double checked the source data and the information was tied, as far as she could tell, so she wanted to have IT look at the joins.

57 hours later, the ticket was closed by IT. Without even consulting us, they determined that our user needed a new monitor.

I believe that says it all.

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