Monday, June 27, 2005

Funnel Cakes for Breakfast

Happy Monday from Arkansas!

I am up hear for a little known retailer meeting. It seems weird to say "up here" when I am referring to Arkansas. Somehow, Bentonville seems down south and Dallas doesn't to me.

Regardless, it's been a interesting trip, so far. I had a 6:45 flight from DFW. Since I live in Garland, a 4:00am wake up call had me pretty hungry when I landed. On my way to our office, I passed an IHOP and thought, "Breakfast sounds good to me." Quick u-turn, and yes, I was seated quickly with coffee waiting.

My waitress was training, so I had the belief I would get some service from one of the two waitresses who came for my order. I was wrong. I was handed a menu and noticed that they were serving funnel cakes. Yes, you read that right. I should remind you I was in an IHOP, not at a state fair. The options were eggs, 2 links sausage and a side of "red, white and blue funnel cakes", or you could add a side of funnel cakes to any order for $1.49.

After I read the menu twice, and double checked the other tables, to ensure this wasn't a joke for the out of towner's, I decided to pass on the funnel cakes. However, they were very popular. The tables on both sides of me order the tasty treats.

Don't get me wrong. At the state fair, I am as ready for funnel cakes as the next gal, but with breakfast, I'll have to pass.

In case you're ever in need of funnel cakes for breakfast...Arkansas is the place!

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