Thursday, June 09, 2005

Alex and Marriage

Alex is a very smart six year old. He has a great smile, a hearty laugh like Lorenzo and a heart of gold. I love spending time with him, because you just never know what he'll say next.

Yesterday, he brought up a new idea that was really quite funny. We were getting ready for work and day care when he asked about marriage.

"Mom, does the person I marry have to be a Martinez?"

Being from North Carolina, I certainly didn't want to encourage marriage within the family. I figured I should clarify.
"Alex, did you mean can you only marry people named Martinez?"

"Yes, Mom, you know not every one has our last name. But you're married to Dad and your last name is Martinez." There was a very "duh mom" feeling to this explanation.

"Alex you don't have to marry someone who already has Martinez as a last name. Traditionally, the woman takes the last name of the man. My name used to be Cherry."

"That's good mom. I don't know a lot of Martinez's. It'll be easier if I don't have to look for them only."

Child logic is so simple, it just makes you smile sometimes.

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