Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I just have to share three funny Meghan stories.

First, as you may know, Meghan's vocabulary is growing by the day. She has been saying shoes and toothbrush and Maggie for quite a while. I was disturbed however that she wasn't saying mommy. She had da-da down. She even has a version of Alex. Mom, however, seemed out of the question.

In the past week, she has fixed that. She has found a way to get my attention, and mommy isn't her first choice. No, instead we get the full body MA! A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a 2 foot girl standing at attention and yelling MA. When you don't answer, she comes closer, MA. If you still don't answer, she'll come closer still MA!

It can be quite comical for the one viewing the event.

Story number 2
Lorenzo and I have fought for years about the proper placement of blankets and sheets on the bed. I prefer a neat bed. Blankets smooth, sheets tucked, general order. Lorenzo prefers chaos. He believes the sheets and blankets should roll with you when you move. That creates a very messy bed and frequent sleep fights.

We have noticed that Alex is a chaotic sleeper too. He rolls and moves and creates a very messy bed. We hadn't noticed a Meghan pattern until recently.

Meghan is a neat sleeper. As Lorenzo put her to bed last night, she first arranged her pillow so that Buzz Lightyear was face up and vertical. Then she laid down and pointed to the blankets. Lorenzo covered her up, but the blankets weren't straight. She directed him to fix the problem. Yes, she is a neat sleeper, like me.

Story number 3
There is a story about a young red headed girl from North Carolina. When she was about 2, she spent a week with her Aunt Betty and Uncle Murray. Betty and Murray were farmers and they had hogs. At the time, they were raising chickens too, so breakfasts were really good down on the farm.

According to the story, one morning, after spending a week with Aunt Betty and Uncle Murray, that young red headed girl was eating breakfast when her mother returned to take her home. Her mother was horrified to find her young girl standing up in her chair with a mouth full of sausage, chewing as she held an additional piece of sausage in her left hand and grabbed for a third piece of sausage with her right. Her mother admonished her behavior and told her to sit down.

Murray stopped that young mom and explained, if he had to kill another hog that young red headed girl could have as much sausage as she pleased.

Now, to the present. This morning, I made eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast. I made 7 sausage patties believing that should be plenty for the four of us. Alex had a piece. Lorenzo had a piece. I had a piece. Meghan had the remaining four. I believe the little red headed girl lives on in Meghan.

I hope you enjoyed the stories.


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn, my name is Jennifer Wasserman and I'm a friend of Lorenzo's from the ole South Garland days. I think we may have met once or twice over the years. Anyway, I wanted to comment on this blog because I have a daughter who is just a little older than Meghan (she turned 2 in March) and she only recently started saying Mommy as well. For the longest time, she called me "Aye" which I guess means that I used the "I" pronoun too much when she was learning to talk. It just sounds strange to say, "Mommy needs to change your diaper," or "Mommy is making dinner." Anyway, I can just picture Meghan screaming MA at the top of her lungs. Very cute story.

coloradoH said...

I find it hard to believe that Benzo had only one sausage. That said, 2 year old girls do love their pork products!