Friday, April 01, 2005

Catching up

Okay, so we are a bit behind on the blog. Here are some tidbits to catch us up on our story.

  • Lynn is doing well at work. She is making VPs and CEOs know who she is in a good way with her ideas and initiative. She is kicking corporate butt.
  • We have a new floor downstairs. We took out the carpet and added wood laminate. It actually matches our cabinets and looks awesome. The dog is having some issues with it with the loss of effective traction on those hard corners she takes now and then.
  • Trombone choir is going well. Every week it seems we are reading 4 or 5 new tunes and have a couple of gigs scheduled. One of our planned events is actually recording a Christmas album before November. I have never been in a real recording studio before so I am excited about that.
  • I am working the night shift currently with two more weeks to go. I don't like working the night shift.
  • Lynn gave up cheese for lent and lost 8 lbs over the 40 day/night stint.
  • Meghan is hitting the terrible two's stage. The nice thing is that we are experienced with it since we went through it with Alex, the bad thing is that Meghan has a high pitched scream. And my dentist wonders why I am gritting my teeth.
  • Alex has been accepted to the Talented & Gifted program within the Garland ISD. He passed two rounds of testing to get accepted. Once we told him he got in we asked if he thought the tests were hard. His answer ? "Naw, I thought I would get in."
  • Soccer season is in full swing and Alex's team has won 3/4 games. Last night Alex scored a goal while I was on the field refing the game.
  • I am a dandelion killer. I noticed some of them in the backyard and bought that new Ortho weed spray at Home Depot. One squirt = one very dead/brown dandelion. Two squirts = a small piece of land that is devoid of all life. MMmmmmuuuuhhhaahhahahahahahahaha.
Okay that is it for now.

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coloradoH said...

Dandilion Killer.
I see a movie, written, directed, and starring Benzo.
Exactly like Rocky, but different.